Sunday, April 19, 2015

Joy of Celiac


The Doctor’s voice was quiet
He gave a little shrug
“You have Celiac Sprue.”
I asked, “Is that some kind of bug?”

“Oh no, just be careful.”
He was kind of cheery now.
He handed me a list of food,
I could not eat, oh wow!

There’s pizza on this list
And birthday cake here too!
And as I read it to the end
I never felt so blue.

To the Internet I ran
Fear clutching at my heart.
To discover if there was a chance
That pasta and I would not part!

Then there on the net
A wondrous thing appeared
A whole Celiac community
It wasn’t as bad as I feared.

They taught me many things
How to shop and bake with care
This Celiac thing got easier
Just because these folks were there.

So now I read the label
Of each can or jar or bottle
It’s not really so bad
My tummy just needs to be coddled

But at least I have an answer
Though recovery may not be fast
All those years of suffering
Will soon be in the past!

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