Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Healthy Websites for Celiacs

Celiac Disease has made me even more passionate about healthy eating. Because of the damage that was no doubt done to my digestive system for the 40 years before my diagnoses if I'm going to eat something I want it to be the best choices I can possibly make.

So if you're looking for healthy sites with good information about what to eat and what not to eat here's a few of my favorites;

Food Babe: This site covers all kinds of things as the "Food Babe" investigates what's in our food. It talks about GMO's, Protein Powders, Juicing, and also has a section for recipes. Although I've only discovered this site a little bit ago, I'd say its one of the best on the web for those who want to eat healthier.

The Eat Clean Diet:  This site is not gluten free but does give great food choices without chemicals, preservatives or additives. The books she sells on the site do have a gluten free option in it's diet lists. It's a healthy natural diet the way God intended food to be. 

The Gluten Free Vegan; A great site that definitely understands gluten, cross contamination issues and how to create healthy and gluten free vegan meals. 

And of course our basic Celiac sites;

Celiac Disease Foundation:  If you have a question about living with Celiac Disease you'll find the best answers right here. This site explains the disease, how to cope and everything else you need to live the Gluten free lifestyle. 

Celiac.com:  This site is another excellent GF Celiac site for understanding and living with the disease. 

Celiac Central:  This site is newer than some of the other Celiac sites but all the information is there in clear and concise articles. 

Celiac Disease Delphi Forum; This site used to be one of my favorites and helped me a lot when I went GF over 10 years ago. Then the moderators removed a post they disagreed with that I thought was good information that people needed to know. They felt the information was false and deleted the post. It was regarding that some wine is stored in wooden kegs that are sealed with flour. The poster thought that people should be aware of this and make their own decisions as to whether or not to consume that type of wine. The moderators were adamant that this wheat flour did not end up in the finished product and removed the post. Personally I felt they were imposing their own views on everyone else and that was wrong. A person should be able to make their own decision regarding this risk. Personally, I won't drink wine aged in a keg. I have enough problems without taking this needless risk. 
The fact that the moderators removed this post because they didn't agree with it, made me wonder what else they hide? 

Okay, those are some of my favorite healthy eating sites. Enjoy!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bingo Night - Bring Your Own Celiac Snacks

Bring my own food? A Celiac loves those words. Not to have to rely on whatever cross contaminated issues other's bring to the table while feeling like a freak for turning it down? Yes, I'm in!

Tonight I'm going to get a couple of packages of gluten free cookies and arrange them on a platter with fresh strawberries. Maybe a bag of GF potato chips? A veggie platter? GF candy laid out on a dish? Since I only drink water or coffee I'll probably just bring some Poland Springs. Or maybe stop by Starbucks on the way.

Going places that ask me to bring a dish are my favorite places to go. Socializing is hard when you go somewhere and can't eat  or fear eating what's served. Usually I just eat before I go or after I get back. Not always fun, but we do what we have to do.

So we're going to a Bingo Steal where everyone brings food and drinks and a $10 gift. We play a few rounds of bingo and then for the next few rounds who ever wins gets to steal a gift back.

"Bring your own food," I love those words.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celiac Disease, Gluten Free and Frustrated

When CVS called me saying if I went through their drugs by mail program for my prescription I repeatedly said I'm Celiac you cannot, cannot, cannot substitute this medication. (thyroid) I need the name brand. Other generic brands contain GLUTEN and will make me sick.

So yesterday in the mail I get the generic drug. WTF! Do they not speak English?

So I call saying I have to return this drug, I will get sick if I take it. I repeat that I stated this to your representative over and over again.They say they have no record of that.

My blood starts to heat as i realize I've been scammed by CVS.

Now, I have to pay for this, can't take it and have to go purchase the correct prescription. CVS says this is fair because they called my doctor and spoke to some Nurse Practioner, whom I've never even met before, and she approved it. I said did you not see the note that said I COULD NOT TAKE THIS BECAUSE I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE? They said it didn't matter. they faxed over a note and the doctor's office approved it. I said when I gave specific instructions that I could not take this drug why was I not called regarding this? They said they had no record of that.

Excuse me but  CVS SUCKS!  I'm now going to look up the CEO of CVS and send them a letter. I believe they have a handful of idiots working for them. Total disregard for patients safety. Disregarding the Americans with Disability laws.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Snacks for Celiacs

There are many options for Celiac snacks, but most newly diagnosed people don't see them. I'm not talking about the gluten free versions of cakes, cookies and other goodies.

Think healthy!

Veggies; carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives
Humus and GF crackers
Energy bars (Think Thin, lara bars, some Balance bars)
Fruit; apples, bananas, grapes, berries

My favorite snacks? Yogurt with a banana cut up and mixed in. GF pretzels with humus dip, and apples with peanut butter.

Think outside the box. Make a snack of a couple of rolled pieces of gluten free cold cuts and some carrot sticks dipped in salsa or humus. Tortilla chips, a sprinkle of shredded cheese and salsa (nuke 1 min). Left over veggies from last night's dinner? Sprinkle on a little salad dressing and enjoy. Grill a portabella mushroom - Yum!

Think of what comes from nature, not man. I have a saying; If man made it, don't eat it.
I call this the God diet. Only eat things that God put on the earth. No, that wasn't Twinkies.

Get creative, have fun and explore new foods. Never had a mango? That's your next snack! Don't know how to roll a summer roll? Google it! New tastes are waiting for you to wet your pallet.
Go get 'em!