Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scary part of Celiac Disease

Doctor's refuse to diagnose it.

I was recently at a Celiac picnic and one of the most profound things these people had in common was all the doctors they had met -- over 100 people-- never tested them for Celiac and they waited years for a diagnosis. My own doctor refused to test me. Amost wouldn't test my daughter until I sat down and refused to leave. (both positive-thank you!)

In parts of Europe a Celiac test is quite common. So...excusseee me! Aren't most of us European? I'm 100% Irish. So, if I lived there would I have been diagnosed years ago?

Modern medicine in the USA should be ashamed. Everyone would with cronic digestive problems should be given a Celiac blood test. If doctors would wake up..the could save people years of suffering.