Sunday, June 28, 2009


Betty Crocker is doing GLUTEN FREE!
Just picked up the Browie mix and Yellow Cake mix in Pathmark in Hazlet, NJ. (They also have Chocolate Cake mix and Chocolate Chip Cookie mix).
The Brownies are in the oven now....I'll let you know how they come out.
Doing the happy dance here!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Everybody's Nuts AND Gluten Free (Almost)

Thank you for contacting Everybody’s Nuts concerning pistachios processed and packaged by Paramount Farms. With the exception of the European Roast Flavor, all the other flavors are gluten free as the European Roast does contain some barley in the malt vinegar. I hope the information I provided you with was useful.
Paramount Farms
13646 Highway 33
Lost Hills, CA 93249

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Celiacs and other issues

I've been diagnosed with hypothyroid for about ten years. Celiac's since 2003. Going gluten free definitely made me feel better but underneath I still felt there was something else.
One lovely Saturday afternoon I was cleaning and my dd was watching a show called Medical Mysteries. The woman in the show had IBS, dizziness, and a few other issues. As each ailment was brought up I said, "I have that." After the third or fourth time my dd turned to me and said, "Hey, maybe you should get checked for whatever she has."
The woman in the show had Pernicious Anemia which is a B-12 deficiency.
Hmmm, so to the doctor I went for a test.
My B-12 was low. Now I get shots once a month and take a perscription B-12 vitamin every day. And I'm feeling much better!
The Internet doesn't have a lot of in depth information on Pernicious anemia but I found one wonderfully interactive site:

Friday, June 19, 2009


Sometimes a really nice doctor will tell you..."Just go off gluten for a while and see how you feel."
Sheesh! You might feel better, headaches clear, tummy and bowels improve, joint pain gone...but you will never know if you have Celiac Disease. When you stop ingesting gluten the antibody level in your blood will also change. Thereby altering a positive test result.
Going off gluten forever is life-altering. You have to change not only the way you eat but also the way you cook, shop and party.
Yes, I said party. Gone are the days where you can grab a quick slice of pizza from the corner store, a buttered roll with that morning coffee or share a random treat from the vending machine at work. The neighborhood BBQ? You'll now have to bring your own food...and yes, maybe their burgers are gluten free but I'm betting they put the rolls on the grill to toast them. Hence, anything else on their grill is GLUTENATED.
Do you really want to make this big a change without knowing for sure?
I didn't think so. So continue eating gluten every day until all tests are completed. It's the best way to know for sure.