Friday, June 19, 2015

5 Reasons Celiacs Need Support

Whether you're newly diagnosed or have known you had Celiac Disease for years, the support of others who understand will make all the difference in your life. It's important to your mental and physical well being.

1. You will keep up on the latest Gluten news. New Gluten Free products will become available or you might learn of something that is no longer considered gluten free.

2. The Celiac community will share tips for keeping your kitchen gluten free and safe. Things like having a new gluten free toaster or electric can opener aren't always apparent to newly diagnosed Celiacs, but are a big cross contamination issues. Tips like this can be learned at in-person and online support groups.

3. Other Celiacs are the best way to find doctors with the knowledge to properly advise you. Not all doctors know enough about Celiac Disease to help you through from diagnosis to wellness. You're going to want the best.

4. Many newly diagnosed Celiacs are completely lost and have no idea what to eat. It's easy to say fruits and vegetables are gluten free, but there is so much more to a healthy diet. You'll want to know how people deal with everything from daily eating to eating out.

5. Aside from the facts of what to eat and what not to eat, a newly diagnosed Celiac will do better if they can connect with someone who's gone through it all. From shopping to parties, the Celiac Community can offer suggestions, recipes and most of all emotional support. These people know what it was like to be blindsided by a diagnosis and then have to cope with family members and coworkers. They can tell you how they handled situations, rude comments, or the confusion that came with their own diagnosis.

Bottom line, don't fear a support group. You just may find new friends to share dinner with, swap Gluten Free recipes with, or just some information that will help you cope. Go ahead, Google a support group in your area.  You'll be glad you did.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Celiac Diagnosis & Your Mind

Once diagnosed with Celiac Disease a lot of people feel crushed. The rug is pulled out from under them and they feel they can't eat any of their favorite foods. No morning toast, no more bakery stops, and even pizza is off the list. It can be depressing.

When you get that diagnosis it's time to reset your mind. Stop focusing on what you can't eat and look for what you can eat. Check out the Gluten Free section of your local grocery store. Most stores carry a GF (Gluten Free) section and if yours doesn't, talk to the manager. You can also order food online. There are a lot of great companies who will ship direct.

Experiment. Some GF food is dry and won't fit your palate, but there is some really good stuff out there. There are many main stream companies now making GF versions of your favorites. Ronzoni now makes a GF pasta and there are a lot of pasta sauces now labeled GF. Read the labels, the GF is out there!

Remember that fruits, veggies, and meat are naturally gluten free. Google Gluten Free cooking and you'll find thousands of good, nutritious recipes you and your family will love.

If you're still struggling, join a Celiac support group. There you'll find others in the same boat. They share information on doctors, test results, and Gluten Free options.

Reset your mind and look forward to the great feeling of good health and good food as you master the Celiac lifestyle.

Bon appetit!