Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sad About Cheerios

A Cheerios ad popped up on my Facebook page and, of course, I read the comments.  Every single Celiac on that feed reported problems when eating Cheerios.

Cheerios has a great website where they explain the process of removing gluten from the oats before making the cereal. It's a great process, but obviously, by the amount of reported reactions, it doesn't work.

I suggested they find oats from dedicated fields if they want to put the words Gluten Free on their boxes, but at the amount of Cheerios they sell, that might not be cost effective. When I read that bit about 20 ppm is okay, i cringe. Okay for who? Who made up that number and decided it was a good limit?

Too bad, I used to like Cheerios. And Raisin Bran, Life Cereal, and Pop Tarts. Oh! Pita Bread!

I've been diagnosed since 2003 and I've seen a lot of new products pop up over the years. Being gluten free in 2003 was a lot different than it is now. Back then I had to have my health food store order gluten free products for me. Now I can pick them up at my local grocery. It's a different gluten free world so I believe there will be gluten free pita bread someday. I'm waiting....