Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arbor it safe???

I've been drinking Arbor Mist for a while and feeling okay most of the time. Sometimes something is getting to me and I can't figure it out. Sometimes it's hard to tell if this is a gluten reaction or some other kind of flu bug.
I usually have Arbor Mist on weekends and I've been blaming my Monday morning bloat on whatever else I ingested on the weekend. But then I was at a picnic and someone told me that Arbor Mist wasn't GF and she had a letter at home to prove it.
In a panic I race home to check with the company. The response I get was that they didn't add gluten ingredients.
So I emailed the head of my Celiac Support group and asked. She thought it was, but now she's going to recheck to make sure.
I'm waiting...
Anyone else drink Arbor Mist?