Thursday, October 2, 2008

Autism and diet

I don't have an autistic child. A friend has a son with it and I've watched what she's gone through for the past ...12 years. I do have Celiac's disease and so do my two daughters. I think the fact that a gluten free diet helps autism is amazing.
I can launch into the politics of that fact that wheat is the cheapest filler used in too many foods in our diet but I'll save that for another post...
Let's talk about Jenny:
I saw Jenny McCarthy on one of the morning shows and was very impressed. Truthfully, I used to think she was a real ditz, all glam, no brains, (sorry Jenny) but after hearing her speak and seeing the lengths she went to, to help her child I now think she is an amazing woman.
Louder than Words is on my to be read list now and I think it's something everyone should read. Autism is on the rise in this country so get informed! The next person diagnosed could be someone close to you. Read this book!