Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where Gluten Hides

Going gluten free easy???
Well, no.
It's not just what you buy, cook, and serve your Celiac that is an issue. It's also what you cook in, store in, and clean with.

  • Teflon pans; Teflon is porous and will hold gluten to be passed to the next food cooked on it. Stainless steel is the best choice. 
  • Tupperware/Plastic Storage; Plastic is another porous product that can pass gluten along to the next food stored in it. Does the dishwasher remove gluten? It's 50/50. Plastic has microscopic divets so you're still taking a chance. I use glass (dishwasher)with plastic lids that I hand wash away from gluten.
  • Toaster! It's the last hold out for some newly diagnosed Celiacs. If the toaster has ever been used for gluten toast, then it has crumbs in it and it will get on the gluten free food. Invest in another toaster. We have two. Red one is gluten free and all the way on the other (gluten) side of the kitchen is the black (gluten) toaster. 
  • Kitchen Sponge; If your kitchen sponge has ever touched gluten...well, it's sharing it with everything it touches. Wipe your sink out with the sponge? Was there ever gluten in your sink? Sponge contaminated. I use paper towels or dish clothes with wide knit netting that go int he washing machine. 
More info can be found at Gluten and Dairy Free.