Friday, June 19, 2009


Sometimes a really nice doctor will tell you..."Just go off gluten for a while and see how you feel."
Sheesh! You might feel better, headaches clear, tummy and bowels improve, joint pain gone...but you will never know if you have Celiac Disease. When you stop ingesting gluten the antibody level in your blood will also change. Thereby altering a positive test result.
Going off gluten forever is life-altering. You have to change not only the way you eat but also the way you cook, shop and party.
Yes, I said party. Gone are the days where you can grab a quick slice of pizza from the corner store, a buttered roll with that morning coffee or share a random treat from the vending machine at work. The neighborhood BBQ? You'll now have to bring your own food...and yes, maybe their burgers are gluten free but I'm betting they put the rolls on the grill to toast them. Hence, anything else on their grill is GLUTENATED.
Do you really want to make this big a change without knowing for sure?
I didn't think so. So continue eating gluten every day until all tests are completed. It's the best way to know for sure.


deb309 said...

I do appreciate your opinion. The accuracy of the tests are dependent upon ongoing consumption of gluten. If a diagnosis is needed for insurance coverage, or for personal "peace of mind", then wait for the tests results.
Otherwise, why seek validation from the medical community? If you decide to try a gluten free trial and feel better, so be it.
I was undiagnosed for 25 years. I view gluten as a "poison". Seeking medical confirmation may not be possible for a lot of us.
Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind. I enjoy your blog.

Aimless Writer said...

One of the reasons I fought so hard for an accurate diagnosis is because it's hereditary and I have kids. Both with positive Celiac tests.
I know the pain of not getting a diagnosis. I was in my forties before I even heard the word "Celiac".
Please speak your mind here any time!
Thanks for stopping by.