Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celiac Disease, Gluten Free and Frustrated

When CVS called me saying if I went through their drugs by mail program for my prescription I repeatedly said I'm Celiac you cannot, cannot, cannot substitute this medication. (thyroid) I need the name brand. Other generic brands contain GLUTEN and will make me sick.

So yesterday in the mail I get the generic drug. WTF! Do they not speak English?

So I call saying I have to return this drug, I will get sick if I take it. I repeat that I stated this to your representative over and over again.They say they have no record of that.

My blood starts to heat as i realize I've been scammed by CVS.

Now, I have to pay for this, can't take it and have to go purchase the correct prescription. CVS says this is fair because they called my doctor and spoke to some Nurse Practioner, whom I've never even met before, and she approved it. I said did you not see the note that said I COULD NOT TAKE THIS BECAUSE I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE? They said it didn't matter. they faxed over a note and the doctor's office approved it. I said when I gave specific instructions that I could not take this drug why was I not called regarding this? They said they had no record of that.

Excuse me but  CVS SUCKS!  I'm now going to look up the CEO of CVS and send them a letter. I believe they have a handful of idiots working for them. Total disregard for patients safety. Disregarding the Americans with Disability laws.

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