Monday, April 13, 2015

Gluten Free Veggie Patty for BBQ's

I found these Veggie Patties at Costco and I love them! What a score!

Easy to put on the grill, organic and down right  yummy with just the right amount of seasoning.

Made by Don Lee Farms, their website is here.  I do wish they had a better website. I saw meatballs there and I'd like to know if they're gluten free? They don't have photos of their packaging - which would make it easier to spot in the store- or ingredient lists. I shot them an email so I'll update as soon as I get a reply.

These Veggie Patties are good when grilling but I also put them in the toaster oven and use them on top of salads or in place of the meat in tacos (just crumble them up.)

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