Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gluten Free Review

The gluten free diet can be a challenge at times but companies like Glutino make it easier for Celiac's everywhere. Today I'd like to review a couple of their products.

Glutino's Gluten Free Crackers are a family favorite. These crackers are good alone or in soup. They've got enough of a crunch without being dry or hard.  They can be enjoyed straight out of the box or with a topping like peanut butter or humus. These gluten free crackers come in several flavors. My favorites are the Vegetable and Cheddar. I often take them as a snack to work, on airplanes or put them out with sliced cheese for company. There are two bags of crackers in each box, giving ample bang for your buck.

 I purchased Glutino's Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels when i need antlers for  my reindeer cupcakes this past Christmas and was pleasantly surprised. These crunchy little delights were the hit of the party. The chocolate covering is creamy, chocolatey, and ready to melt in your mouth. I ate my way through half the bag while decorating my reindeers and had to swat away my kitchen helpers from stealing them or my reindeers would have been antler-less.
Portion size for your dollar is good as gluten free products go.

Lately I've been finding both these products on the shelves at Stop & Shop, Shop Rite and Pathmark. I've seen them down south at Publix, too. You can find a store near you on Glutino's site. They also have coupons on the site!

We have a joke in our household that goes; Gluten free? Five dollars! Meaning almost every gluten free product is priced at five dollars. Considering some products I've come across don't seem worth what we pay for them, Glutino gives a fairly good portion compared to other gluten free companies. I give both these products 5 out of 5 stars and almost always have them stocked on my shelves. I just have to restrain myself around the Pretzels or I'll eat the whole bag in one sitting! Yum!

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