Monday, January 6, 2014

Vacation Weight Gain? Hahahahaha!

I lose weight on vacation; said no one ever...
Except maybe the Celiac. 
Just got back from two weeks in Florida and I'm down 5 lbs. We stayed in a condo in John's Pass, a quaint little area just below Clearwater. I lost five pounds. Every vacation, because I fear eating out, I lose a little bit. It seems everyone's idea of a vacation is eating out all the time. 
Don't get me wrong, I have a very understanding family. One daughter (in her twenties) is also Celiac and just as sensitive as I am. She takes more risks in eating out than makes me comfortable. 
In John's Pass we ate at Bubba Gumps and Hooters. It was limited but we did okay. I'm also vegetarian so it's more limiting for me. Most places serve a chicken or fish dish that's gluten free. If you're GF (Gluten Free) Bubba Gumps got a pretty good menu here
Hooters can do great salads for vegetarians. I couldn't access their GF menu online but found this from the Urban Tastebuds site;

We stopped at the Frog Pond for Breakfast and I had tea and fruit. My reasoning here was they didn't have a GF menu and the place is fairly small. I've worked in kitchens/waitressing and believe a small kitchen has limited ability to guard against cross contamination. However the Frog Pond serves massive breakfasts. The plates were piled high with six egg omelets filled with all kinds of goodies. My daughter ate a mushroom cheese omelet and was fine. 

We always stay in a place with a microwave or kitchen due to the Celiac issue. Sometimes I wish I could just relax my guard but I've gotten sick before and it takes 3 days to recover. So my choice is be ooooober careful or take a chance and get sick on vacation. I enjoy my vacations in other ways than eating. I enjoy the sightseeing, trying new things, shopping, spending time with the ones I love. Food isn't everything and if I want something and I have a kitchen, I'll make it myself and know that my vacation won't be ruined by a Celiac-attack. 

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