Sunday, January 19, 2014

Possible Causes of IBS that Doctors Ignore

Way before I ever heard the word "Celiac" I was diagnosed with IBS or Irritable Bowel Disease. I thought that was the most ridicules thing I'd ever heard. I said to my doctor, "I know its irritated, now tell me why? Irritation is a symptom, not a disease." The doctor shrugged. I should have changed doctors then, but being raised a good Irish Catholic, I was taught to respect people in authority and doctors fell into that category. Or at least, they used to. Now I know different. I've heard, in med school, Doctors spend very little time studying Celiac Disease and I'm betting even less time on other causes of IBS.

Since then I've changed doctors and discovered a few things that can cause this most embarrassing and uncomfortable condition. We already know that Celiac Disease's main symptom, along with migraines, joint pain, and skin problems is constipation or diarrhea (aka IBS), but I always felt there was something else.

This little vitamin is a water soluble vitamin that rules the nervous symptom. One of its main symptoms is IBS. It also has a wide range of other symptoms. A B-12 deficiency is also known as Pernicious Anemia. B-12 is found in meat and other animal products. Vegans are often deficient in this vitamin, but if you're missing the intrinsic factor you won't absorb it no matter how you eat. I had my B-12 levels checked after watching a show called Medical Mysteries and they were bottomed out. I now go for B-12 shots every two weeks. I was a meat eater but for some reason my body was not absorbing the B-12. Since getting the shots I've been so much better! I get my levels checked on a regular basis and it took a while to figure out what dosage/time span was best for me, but it was worth it. For more information on Pernicious Anemia and B-12 deficiency go here; PAS Pernicious Anemia Society

Food Allergies or Sensitivities
I often wondered where this idea came from. I was always of the mind set that man was meant to eat the bounty from the earth. It was the natural way. However, when we really think about it, we have to admit few of us eat food in it's most natural state. Most days everyone eats a processed or prepackaged food. Even bread is processed and packaged. When was the last time you made bread from scratch? And if you did, was the flour used bleached and processed? When you read an ingredient label, can you identify each ingredient as a natural food?
Then we have to look at GMO's. Are we eating good food or something made in a lab? Do we know what process it went through to become food? What was added? Subtracted? Can we really trust it to give our body what it needs and can our body naturally process this chemical experiment? Or would the body reject it in the form of IBS?
Does it surprise anyone that since the evolution of GMO food in the 70's, the rise in food allergies, IBS, and Fibromyalgia  has tripled. Gee, I think I see a pattern here. More GMO, more gasto/nervous symptom problems. Wait! Do I need to get a rocket scientist for this issue?
There are allergies or sensitivities to real/natural/non-GMO food. You can get allergy tests and do an elimination diet to figure this out. It's a slow process but would be worth it if you got answers.

Food Dyes
Are made from coal tar. Yum! That same black gunk that is used to pave our streets. Who was the brainiac that thought we should eat this crap?
Red dye has been linked to hyperactivity in children. Red dye is in everything. Read labels and if it has a food dye in it, toss it back on the shelf.
In Europe most food dyes are outlawed. However, the USA is owned by the almighty $$$ and years behind in food safety.

Artificial Sweeteners
All artificial sweeteners are linked to incontinence in women. Anyone notice the surge in Depends commercials with the increased use of Splenda, Sweet n Low, and Equal? These things irritate the bladder (and who knows what else?) and should never be put into the body. Check it out here. Also on the subject of Artificial Sweeteners look here. Just google Incontinence women and artificial sweeteners, scary.

The only other thing I think people need to do is not give up. If your doctor can't give you answers, go to a different doctor. I changed doctors 3 times until I found one who would listen to me and not blow off my symptoms to generic diseases.

Never, never, never give up. The truth is out there. . .


Jennifer Davies said...

Thanks for the post. My son is going through allergy testing right now. I don't think he has Celiac Disease, but we're going to start eating smarter regardless of what it is. I had no idea some of these ingredients were so bad for the body. Shopping at the grocery store is going to be a lot more frustrating but I think it will be worth it.

Jenn |

Aimless Writer said...

There's a learning curve to eating clean but once you get it, it's much easier.
Testing for Celiac Disease starts with a blood test. If that's positive they do an endoscope to confirm. Its always best to find a doctor who specializes in Celiac because it's a challenge to diagnose. There are Celiac support groups all over that can help guide you if you think you might want to get him tested.
Good luck!