Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Gluten Attack

During the holidays it's especially hard to avoid gluten. Last week at a party they were making some kind of martini looking drink with, what I thought was, sugar and cinnamon around the rim. I wasn't going to try it. I don't drink a lot and I never drink if I have to drive home. But I had worked a long day, had a lot on my mind and when someone walked up holding one of these yummy looking drinks and said, "Oh my God, these are so good. Take a sip."

I did. Put that pretty little drink to my lips and sipped. Then I realized it wasn't just sugar and cinnamon on the rim. So I asked.

"Crushed sugar cookies," they said.

My heart froze.

My gut clenched in anticipation of what was to come. . . . the theme from "JAWS" started in my head.

Over the years my gluten reaction has changed a bit. I guess, as my gut healed from years of  eating gluten (before diagnosis) it has more of a "defense?" But I did know i was going to get some kind of sick so I left the party. Behind me I hear the woman who offered me the drink say, "This gluten thing is so hard."

The heart burn came first as I was driving home. A slow burn getting worse with each minute. Stomach cramps, headache, & everything ache hit soon after. Blah.

My gluten remedy? Ginger tea with honey. (I've read honey helps but I don't know why) and probiotics. I also drink water to flush the gluten out. Not sure if any of this does much good, but I think it helps some.  I really believe only time can heal a gluten attack.

It wasn't the worst reaction I've had as I only had the crumbs from the rim, but it was a good reminder. Then I remember I didn't even check the liquor that was in it. There could have been gluten there, too.

Never let down your guard. Especially during the Holidays when gluten is everywhere! 

Anyone have a better gluten attack treatment? What helps when you've been hit?

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