Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gluten Free Cheerios ~ YUM!

I was skeptical. I get very sick on gluten and it can put me down for 3 days. It's horrible and I do anything to avoid it. So when I heard about Gluten Free Cheerios I had mixed feelings. Could it be true??? Could I trust it?

If you go to the Cheerios website, you'll see detailed videos about how they make Cheerios gluten free. They test to keep it under 20 ppm as according to the FDA.
It was interesting but I still wasn't sold. So I turned to the Celiac community for insight.

Gluten Free Watchdog  wasn't too keen on the safety of Gluten Free Cheerios.

Gluten Dude was a little more forthcoming but not exactly positive.

So I reached out to a friend from Sea Shore Celiacs, a support group in my area. One member, a very sensitive Celiac, did a Cheerio Challenge. She ate 3 Cheerios one day, a few more the next, and built up to a whole bowl without getting sick. Then my daughter tried a bowl and was fine.

I've had them for dinner for the past two nights and I'm feeling fine, too.

Like any processed food we try, there is always a chance of the labeling not being exactly honest or the fact that 20 ppm is way too much for Celiacs. How do we know for sure?

eh, I'm eating my Cheerios!

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MM Snead said...

My Celiac daughter (sensitive) vomited (normal reaction if glutened) one hour after eating about 1/2 cup of GF Cheerios.