Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sharing a Gluten Free Kitchen with...(Gulp!) ... Glutenators!

For those who react badly to gluten sharing a kitchen with a glutenator can be scary. I've gotten sick on more than one occasion on just a tiny amount of gluten so I'm super careful of what goes in my mouth. And I share my kitchen with gluten.

How to manage a shared kitchen?

Set boundaries.
      My counter space is "L" shaped with a stove on one side. All gluten belongs to the left of the stove. There's a drawer on that side holds the gluten snacks. There's a toaster and electric can opener on the counter and a gluten bread basket.

     Right side of kitchen is the longer expanse of counter with a gluten-free toaster, gluten-free blender, gluten-free electric can opener and the always gluten-free coffee pot.

     There are two Teflon pots in our kitchen - both glutenated. The stainless steal      pots are gluten free. Glutened plastic spatulas/Gluten-free stainless spatulas. (Remember Teflon and plastic holds gluten.)
     A lower cabinet is the plastic-ware. I consider all plastic-ware glutenous.
     Upper cabinet is the glass -ware. These have plastic tops but I can hand wash        them away from gluten. And glass-ware comes in lunch-box sizes. Yay!

The biggest thing about a shared kitchen is co-operation. No matter how careful we are it doesn't work unless every family member understands cross contamination. Take time to set the rules and make sure everyone understands the gluten boundaries. Give the glutenators a special place to keep their goodies and make another area the gluten free zone. You're tummy and immune system will thank you for it.
Happy cooking!

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