Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I don't post here as much as I should. Good intentions often go out the window as life comes in.
I recently came back from Florida. Food issues always drive me a bit batty when I travel. I fear food. I don't want to eat out for eight days and nights due to cross contamination issues. How do I know what goes on in that kitchen behind the swinging door? I've worked as a waitress and seen what's back there. Dinner hour in a restaurant kitchen is like a hurricane blowing over a tiny island of chaos. Food moves through at the speed of light. Order up, cook, slap it on the plate and move it out. Mistakes are easy to make.
I got sick the third day of my trip and felt like crap for three days. Blah.
Which put me off food for the rest of the trip. I ate very little, saving my appetite for home when I could eat without risk. (Can we ever really eat without risk?)
Florida was nice. Hot, humid and relaxing but its good to be home.

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