Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blogging to Stamp out Hunger

Celiac's know how hard it is to manage a diet. Whether you've been Celiac for a month or a year there is always a time when you hit a bit of a brick wall and the realities of this lifestyle slam into you full force. Imagine having no food on your table, no money and kids to feed. And what if that kid is Celiac.

Not a lot of options.

The food banks are reaching new lows, shelves are depleted and there are lots of hungry families out there.

December 15th Bloggers are uniting to get the word out about our Food Banks. Spread the word and ignite the fire and lets bring out food banks up to an acceptable level.

Check out Bruce.

Start a food drive.

Drop off some non-perishable food.

Spread the word!

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